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jim samples

Ability to use the AI to re-write articles. Great if we have plr articles wanting to re-write


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Harry Stultiens

This beta version needs a lot improvement, should be a rewriter like - Wordtune methode - WT delivers much better quality content! I can not get good content out of it by now.

Several options for each written line is the best way to improve. (bit bit time consuming but it makes best outcomes - quillbot or instatext rewrite per paragragh but without several outcomes to choose from [like you have now] This could be an option to rewrite fast/minot quality).

WT is only missing a 'Freeze word', add several - so keywords will be protected. The longer /shorter feature is also great to have . You already have a Tone of Voice' (but wish we could set this in a dropdown menu and forget within the Product/Brand name)

We want to upload a full page/text (not sections of 600 characters) and rewrite per written line or paragraph (no character limited, just rewrite a part of the total upload).

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Pranav from Peppertype.ai

Status changed to: Live


Pranav from Peppertype.ai

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